Snake Evolution and Biogeography
38 Tram Rd
PO Box 202
Wacissa FL 32361

Snake Evolution and Biogeography was founded in 2021 with the mission to advance the public understanding of snake natural history through education and facilitate ongoing research by increasing the volume of materials being deposited in public natural history collections.

Specific purposes:
To provide data-driven educational materials on snake natural history, diversity and distribution utilizing modern technology across multiple platforms.

To offer training, education and equipment to citizen scientists to prepare, store and ship genetic samples and voucher specimens for permanent deposition in public collections.

To identify and close gaps in depauperate sampling areas and elucidate modern range edges in the face of biodiversity loss and climate change.

To foster a conservation ethic towards snakes as important native wildlife.

Executive Director:
Alexander D. McKelvy

Edward A. Myers

Alex Figueroa


Annual Reports: