The quickest way to join the community is through Discord, a community platform similar to Microsoft Teams. Click the link below - you can view in a browser but downloading the standalone app is encouraged.


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You can help us by using and sharing species accounts on social medial and with your friends and colleauges.

If you find these resources useful, consider making a direct donation. If you find yourself using resources frequently, please consider a recurring donation. All methods of donation are outlined in the Donate tab.If you purchase items from, we have a way to make part of your purchase a donation at no cost to you. Here are instructions for setting your purchases up for Amazon Smile. Additionally, when we suggest resources links, some of them redirect through the Amazon Affiliate program, where a portion of the proceedes go to funding our mission.If you'd like to get started directly collecting and depositing tissues and vouchers, see the resources tab to the right. We offer basic starter collecting kits and materials on the Store page.

Importance of Collection

Collecting tissues and vouchers is important. This website is in development, but for now, email us to ask how you can get involved.