Cornsnakes Pantherophis guttatus complex

The Pantherophis guttatus species complex is comprised of at least three species of similar-looking "red ratsnakes" in Eastern North America. They are beautiful and enigmatic members of the community and have adapted to a wide variety of habitats. The map below shows the approximate extent of the range of the three currently recognized species. Click on each species to learn more about it, or scroll down to learn about the historical biogeography of this species complex, the recently discovered cryptic diversity right under our noses, how these species are affected by changing climate and what you can do to help understand and protect these species into the future.


Cornsnake Pantherophis guttatus - Blue in Map Above

Slowinski's Cornsnake Pantherophis slowinksii - Green in Map Above

Great Plains Ratsnake Pantherophis emoryi - Red in Map Above


Interactive phylogeographic tree

Links for Biologists and Educators:
Shapefiles for range and habitat [.asc xx mb]
Original Research on Cornsnake Phylogeography
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